5 Blog Search Engines to help you Discover New Blogs

Blog search engine

If you’re like me and always looking for new blogs to follow, you would probably be interested in the following blog discovery search engines to help expand your ongoing networking and marketing strategy.

Combined together these search engines have millions of active blogs in their directory and are flooded with fresh content on a daily basis. The list is in no apparent order so be sure to check out each one as you may find a different feature that might be of interest to you.

TechnoratiA long time platform dedicated to the blogosphere and an excellent place for finding new blog on a wide range of topics. It allows publishers and blog authors to submit their blogs to the directory for indexation and have updates from that particular blog syndicated into their blog feeds. It’s also driven by a large and active community which makes it the ideal place to discover blogs.


  • Search by Blogs
  • Search by Posts
  • Search by Tags
  • Advance search / filter by Topics / High Authority

Google Blog SearchThis is a powerful blog search engine as expected with anything associated with the Google brand. When someone performs a random search, it quickly taps into its huge database and returns relevant quarries base on the search term entered.


  • Sort by Post
  • Sort by Time – Minutes / Hours
  • Sort by Relevance
  • Sort by Date – Weeks / Months / Year 

IcerocketIcerocket does a pretty good job finding blogs if you navigate directly to the advanced search option. Its regular search feature is not the best in my opinion so skipping this will gain more time on your part to get the best result possible.


  • Sort by Past – Day / Weeks / Months / Year
  • Advance Search – Post / Domain / Author

BloggernityBloggernity is a combination of a blog directory and search engine. It has a good amount of quality blogs in its directory; however, the search features aren’t advanced enough to quickly navigate the listing to find blogs.


  • Search Key Term
  • Search by Categories

BlogCatalogWith a growing community and a catalog of quality blogs, the social media like platform is the ideal place to network and gain new audiences for your internet marketers and bloggers.


  • Search by Features
  • Search by Blog value
  • Search by Blogger
  • Search by Leader Board

Did we miss your favorite blog search engine?  Let us know or share yours with us in the comment section below. 

Author: Ricardo Douglas

Ricardo is the founder and editor of WebberWays where he writes about what he has learnt since becoming a blogger. Every piece of information I've shared here and will be sharing in the future is from my experience which i hope will be of great value to other bloggers.

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