Welcome to WebberWays!

WebberWays is the internet roadmap of my learning experience and what I’ve learnt since becoming a blogger. I was motivated to write this blog to share my thoughts and knowledge so that YOU and anyone else reading this may find it interesting and hopefully learn something new.

My Introduction to Blogging

I started blogging out of curiosity after being laid-off from my job as a draftsman in January of 2010. I was always curious to know how to create a website and after finding myself with plenty of time so I decided to research how to achieve this.

I embark on my journey to achieve my “know how goal” and in the process I spent a few hours researching which eventually lead into a few days. After researching extensively, I found a website called 2createawebsite.com that actually guides me through the process with a decent step by step blueprint.

From this website and the YouTube channel of the author, I was able to teach myself the basic principles of website building and from there set out to launch my very first blog in April 2010 using the wonderful open source CMS platform call WordPress.

Using this platform I was able to launch Top-soccer.com which is a football site (or soccer as it is called here) with my minimal WordPress experience. At present I’m able to set-up and customize fully any WordPress theme (with little problems along the way of course) to my liking or for a client.