Turn your Blog post into a Magazine using Flipboard



Flipboard content reaches millions of users monthly and is an engaged source for generating traffic to your blog. The social application comes pre-install on each Android device and provides Android users and other mobile device users the ability to access publisher’s content as simple as flipping through the millions of content published to their application daily. If you already have … Read more

How to post to WordPress from Microsoft Word 2010


WordPress allows you to post to your blog using many different tools and Microsoft Word is among the list to do so. Using services like this can improve the workflow of your team and boost productivity in content creation. If you currently use Microsoft Word to draft your articles, the save as draft and publish feature in it will definitely … Read more

How to change the Admin Color Scheme in WordPress 3.8

WordPress admin color scheme

WordPress team released version 3.8 the latest updates of their highly popular open source CMS software and the most noticeable new feature within the update is the revamped admin area. Apart from the new admin area there is another new feature which is the newly introduced Admin Color Scheme. This new feature will be well appreciated by users of WordPress and in … Read more

How to easily register an additional Sidebar Widget Area in WordPress


Some WordPress theme designers create their theme with quite a few sidebar widget areas and other may just include one or two. What if your current theme only supports one primary sidebar widget area and you’re looking to add another; would you be able to extend the capability of your theme’s function? If this is you, this post will effectively … Read more

How to create and Add a Favicon to your Blog or Website

Favicon Icon

A favicon is crucial to the identity of any blog and therefore should be treated as such. Too often I’ve come across a lot of blogs that have not implemented this little but yet important icon. If you’re one of them that hasn’t done so, perhaps you should now. To implement this take little or no effort and can be … Read more

How to run WordPress locally on you Computer using WAMP Server


WordPress can be run locally on your computer through the use of different types of open source software to host the content. The advantage of doing this is that it gives you the luxury to develop your site fully locally and after completion it is available to export into your domain hosting. There is no difference between running WordPress live or locally, as you will have … Read more

Using the widget logic plugin to control your sidebar content

Widget Logic

If you ever encounter a situation where you would like to display some text or even Ads in your sidebar but don’t want to have it appear site-wide, the plugin i’m about to share will solve your problem once and for all. This plugin is call widget logic and is available here on the wordpress.org website. The plugin is great for controlling practically anything … Read more

How to find a theme used by any blog you come across on the web

Find the name a theme any blog using by viewing stylesheet

Have you ever come across a nicely design blog and wonder where they buy or download that particular theme? If you have, consider your self  lucky because i will be sharing with you a few steps on how to figure this out. I came across this while viewing my page source and just thought this my be a good idea … Read more