How to rank your blog with good backlinks from related sites without using SEO Software

Most people use Alexia to check their website ranking, page views and demographics etc..But most of us also don’t even realize that they can build their website ranking up to at least a PR3 without using a single SEO software just by analyzing top ranked site reputation using that very same web information site.

What this really means?

This means the work is already done for you so there is little need to do all that intricate stuff because at the end of the day SEO is all about reputation and if you have this and good content in due time your blog or website will be discovered. Let us look a this in a less complex way, If the top site in your niche already succeeds and are reputable blogs with tons of readers, why not use their footprint to gain success and build your reputation.

You must be wondering how right?

Well, Alexia only displays the top 100 site that listed in order by ranking. If you look up the top blogs in your niche and find the sites linking source, then make a list of the sites linking to them you’ve just guaranteed yourself a significant increase in ranking and traffic without any hard work.


What’s next?

Now all you need to do is visit those site and make a decent comment or contact that particular webmaster and request a link exchange. You can even be more creative like I did, for example, i perform a few Google searches of the top blogs in my niche and look at the sites linking in, and then the links that related most to my niche I copy the exact URL from which the current site is linking from then paste it into a spreadsheet and repeat the process over and over.

When I’ve gotten enough I set a day to start commenting and contacting administrators for link exchange. After doing this for a month or two you will start seeing your blog ranking higher each month. That’s the simple procedure I’ve been using and it has worked so far.

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Author: Ricardo Douglas

Ricardo is the founder and editor of WebberWays where he writes about what he has learnt since becoming a blogger. Every piece of information I've shared here and will be sharing in the future is from my experience which i hope will be of great value to other bloggers.

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