Where did Alexa detail Keyword and backlinks data go?

Alexa revamp site

Alexa the web company recently rolls out a revamped site info page and in the process put to bed the old look. Not only did they redesign this page but they’ve also added new features and make previously free matrices a part of their pro plan package thus giving only limited access on the free plan. For example, users were able … Read more

How to rank your blog with good backlinks from related sites without using SEO Software

Using Alexa stats from other blogs to rank your blog

Most people use Alexia to check their website ranking, page views and demographics etc..But most of us also don’t even realize that they can build their website ranking up to at least a PR3 without using a single SEO software just by analyzing top ranked site reputation using that very same web information site. Whats this really means? This means the work … Read more