Using the widget logic plugin to control your sidebar content

If you ever encounter a situation where you would like to display some text or even Ads in your sidebar but don’t want to have it appear site-wide, the plugin i’m about to share will solve your problem once and for all. This plugin is call widget logic and is available here on the website.

The plugin is great for controlling practically anything in the the sidebar through the use of conditional tags to limit whatever you choose to display, not to display and where to display.

How to get the plugin and run it on your site? 

You can download the plugin here and follow the instruction blow to activate and run it.

After you have download the plugin from the above link now you need to upload it to your server. See screenshot on how to upload and and use the plugin. Also be sure to hover over each screenshot to see the instruction as you follow along.

Step 1.

Navigate to Plugins

Step 2.

Click Add New

 Step 3.

Then click upload

Step 4.

 choose file

Now you’ve successfully uploaded the plugin its time to show you how to use it for your task.

Step 1.

select widgets

Step 2.

For this step if you already have the widget you want to add limitation to active, you’ll need to add new limitation. If you already add one limitation and need to add  another just click add new again or if you want to edit current limitation just click edit and make changes.

Click the drop-down

Step 3.

Click edit limitation

 Step 4.

Then click add new limitation

Step 5.

new limitation

 After this step all you need to do is go back to active widgets and click save and close then preview the changes to your site and your done.

Author: Ricardo Douglas

Ricardo is the founder and editor of WebberWays where he writes about what he has learnt since becoming a blogger. Every piece of information I've shared here and will be sharing in the future is from my experience which i hope will be of great value to other bloggers.

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